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 Founded by a veterinarian more than 40 years ago, ROYAL CANIN has concentrated all efforts on providing the most precise nutritional answers, adapted to the specific needs of cats and dogs. Through observation and research and through partnership with pet nutritionists, veterinarians, breeders, and other pet specialists, ROYAL CANIN is at the leading edge of nutritional progress. This pool of expertise, linked by a desire to provide what is best for dogs and cats, creates a unique way of thinking and fosters the sharing of knowledge. The ROYAL CANIN® Partner Portal was created to provide a platform to impart this knowledge, to provide technical updates, to convey product information and to deliver exclusive partner resources and tools.

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Together, we will continue to deliver the best care and the right nutritional solutions to the cats and dogs we serve.



The most distinctive element of the ROYAL CANIN® philosophy is our total commitment to improving the lives of dogs and cats, placing them at the central point of our innovation process.  Only the real needs of dogs and cats drive our research and development efforts.  This unique approach guarantees the precision of our diets and their precise adaptation to the needs of the pet.


Respecting dogs and cats obliges us to respect their true nature and to refuse all forms of anthropomorphism.  Our commitment to constant advancement of our knowledge and understanding of dogs and cats, and our ongoing dialogue with pet professionals and pet owners provides valuable know-how.


Science is constantly evolving, with pet knowledge progressing alongside.  This revolution guides the ROYAL CANIN® innovation strategy:  to explore, to observe, to question and to share, enabling us to remain at the leading edge of nutritional progress.  Over the past 40 years, ROYAL CANIN has introduced significant advances in the field of pet nutrition.

The mission of ROYAL CANIN has always been to provide precise nutritional solutions for pets.  It is characterized by the exact balance between more than 50 nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins).